10 German Beers on Tap at the

German Grille Cary NC



Light Draught -- Hellis Fassbier 

Bitburger         (4.8%)          


“Bitte Ein Bit” A true German pilsener with a golden yellow color. This pilsener is slightly hoppy with a dry bitterness to the palate.

Franziskaner hefe weisse   (5.0%)   


Unfiltered wheat beer. Cloudy yellow/orange body with a white foamy head. Strong hints of banana, clove, and lemon. This hefe weisse makes for a very refreshing beer.


Gaffel Koelsch  (4.8%)


This beer is typically lighter even than Pilsner in color. A slightly malty, fairly soft palate. The finish is decidedly dry due to its high attenuation and firm hop character

 Paulaner Original Münchner  (4.9%)   
This beer is credited for being one of the most popular Munich lagers. Moreover Paulaner’s  brew masters were among the first to bring Munich lager beer to the Bavarian taps. The recipe for success remains: A perfect balance of malty character and the light bitterness of hops

Warsteiner Original (4.8%)

A ‘pilsner style’ German lager. Germany’s largest privately owned brewery. Straw yellow in color, this beer is as clean and smooth as you will find. “Life is too short to drink cheap bier”

 Schofferhofer Grapefruit  (3.2%)

A hefeweizen, blended with  grapefruit. The wheat and the usual hefeweizen flavors are subdued in order to bring out the wonderful grapefruit taste. It’s a fairly light beer with medium carbonation.


Amber Draught   Fassbier

Spaten Oktoberfest  (5.9%)       

Light amber body with a sweet malty aroma. Finished off with a crisp, smooth, citrusy flavor. The perfect beer to celebrate any occasion. Prost!



Dark  Draught -- Dunkel Fassbier 

Spaten Optimator   (7.2%)          


A doppelbock with a dark amber colored body. A sweet roasted malty flavor is beautifully accompanied by a slight bitterness to make for an astounding palate. Very easily drinkable for a high alcohol brew.


Paulaner Salvator   (7.9%)      


Dopplebock, the first beer Paulaner brewed in 1634. As legend has it to sustain the Monks as they fasted through Lent.

 Ayinger Celebrator   (6.7%)

This doppelbock has a copper brown colored body. Flavors of bittersweet chocolate and smoky malts give this beer a beautiful complexity



German Mixed Bier


German Grille  Radler

 Bitburger Beer und Sprite.

German Grille  Alsterwasser

 Bitburger und Lemonade


German Grille  Gespritzter   

  Dunkel  Beer und Cola.


German Grille  Colaweizen

 Franziskanner Hefeweizen Beer und Cola.


German Grille  Berliner  Weisse ....

 Franziskanner Hefeweizen und 1oz Shot Raspberry Syrup